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Technology Start-Ups Are A Reality

The television network channel, Bravo, just launched it's reality show Start-Ups Silicon ValleyThe premire was last night followed by an after party at RF80 in Potero HillThe show is gaining criticism of it's glamorous description of Silicon Valley young technology professionals. The show is a brainchild of none other than Mark Zukerburg's sister,  Randi Zuckerburg. Sure every start-up has visions of mansions, angel investors, stock options and budget less spending. However, most if not all Bay Area tech start-ups begin with work filled days and nights powered by cup-o-ramen and caffeine.

It is great to see the Bay Area featured in a television series and there is some truth to the glamour that comes with successful start-ups, but we just want to acknowledge some of the hardest working young professionals in the world who live in our backyards (sometimes literally). These technologically smart and savvy have poured their hearts into their businesses with no guarantees of payout our recognition. We happen to insure many small technology businesses and find that the founders are possibly be the most passionate business people around. 

Maybe the term "reality show" is used too loosely these days. Is it really a reality that any of us will be ever be stranded on an island fighting for a million dollars or racing around the world with cameras in our faces? I believe Zuckerburg's show is likely far from reality, but probably highly entertaining as she addressed her critics, “If you don’t like strong, beautiful women… if you don’t like watching hot people having fun in a nice house,” don’t bother tuning in. 

Blogger Savvy Spice, from Silicon Valley herself summed up a good reason to watch, "The show is about entrepreneurs and what it’s like to start and run your own company. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own biz, this show is a REAL inside look even if it is edited by Bravo!"