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What You Don't Know Can Hurt You! What's In Your Insurance Policy?

We happen to insure hundreds of Bay Area small to mid-sized businesses. Small businesses rarely have an on site or contracted loss control expert. Owners often find themselves wearing many hats during the course of a given day. You answer phones, solve problems, deal with HR and take the garbage out from time to time... This leaves little time to read a 90 page insurance policy or 3 or 4 policies of you're like most businesses. Business owners rely on their agent or broker to help them understand the insurance jargon and most importantly the coverage and exclusions of their insurance. 

Not every policy is alike... In fact most can have significant differences. It's important to use an independent insurance agent that has access to several markets and understands the complexities of business insurance. We often find that small businesses start with their Farmers, Allstate, or State Farm agent because that's who covers their personal policies. This can be fine until your business expands and you start running into complicated insurance needs like professional liability, directors & officers coverage, health insurance, workers compensation insurance and employment practices liability insurance to name a few. Many new clients come to us after a problem... Either a claim is mishandled or goes uncovered or an inexperienced agent cannot navigate an insurance question or need. "Sometimes insureds forget that an agent works on the carrier's behalf and a broker works on the insured's behalf. This can make a difference when it comes to how your claim is handled," says Stefanie Connolly, a Claims Manager at BayRisk Insurance for 20+ years. "We fight for you in your time of need."

We strongly encourage our clients to go through their policies and address any concerns before there is a problem and answer as many questions that come up in order to make our clients comfortable with their policies and possibly their non-covered exposures. We agree, reading insurance forms is not fun, but going through a claim and being confused or not being covered is 100 times less fun. If you have questions about your current insurance program or would like to consult with a BayRisk professional, please contact us or request a quoteanytime.