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13 Tips for a Safe Halloween

13 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and many consumers may not realize how frightening this night could really be for their personal safety, property and bank accounts. But Trusted Choice® independent agents can help families better prepare for Halloween hazards that may come in disguise or under the cloak of dark.

Halloween Safety Tips

What kind of insurance brokers would we be without sharing some simple yet useful Halloween tips with you and your family? Below is an article that will help you and your children stay safe this Halloween... We are sure you likely take these precautions, but this is just a reminder:

  • Parents should establish a specific route for their children in a known neighborhood.
  • Parents and children should use flashlights and use sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Children should use crosswalks when possible and not cross between parked cars.
  • Motorist should drive slowly and watch for children in the street and on medians and exiting driveways.
  • Parents should have their children wear bright, reflective and flame retardant costumes.
  • Children should travel in groups accompanied by an adult.
  • Children should only go to well lit houses and remain on porches and do not enter the homes.
  • Children should bring all treats home and let a parent inspect them all before eating them.
  • Parents with children with alergies should closely inspect treat ingredients before consumption.

Have a Happy (and SAFE) Halloween Everyone!