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Here are four surprising ways to protect yourself in a law suit and keep legal fees to a minimum.

Shakespeare said, "First kill all the lawyers." Maybe this seems a tad aggressive, but then again, for most people the last thing you look forward to is someone showing up at your door with a subpoena. Whether a lawsuit is business related or personal, the thought of engaging an attorney for protracted litigation can strike fear into a person's heart.

Not only is there emotion and argument to contend with, but the sheer agony of watching those exorbitant hundreds-of-bucks-per-hour fees racking up with no end in sight is enough to terrorize anyone. Even most attorneys, particularly litigators, will advise people to avoid litigation at all costs...

1. Don't Be Bullied

Attorneys are trained to be aggressive. Law school is a brutal and competitive atmosphere where only the strong survive.

2. Tell the Truth

If you are truly in the wrong then settlement is probably your best approach, but if you are legitimately right then stand up for yourself and provide the facts as they occurred.  In both my cases, I stood by the truth and the law without any manipulation or legal shenanigans.

3. Maintain Your Sense of Humor

This is how you take a traumatic experience like litigation and turn it into an Awesome Experience... 

4. Prepare Yourself!

The best way to beat lawyers is to not engage with them in the first place. Here are a few questions to ask yourself or your staff that will help keep the attorneys away, or at least prepare you for the day the subpoena shows up...

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