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"Big One" Looms In Minds of Experts Before California Shakeout

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On Thursday the USGS and its partners, including the California Earthquake Authority and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, held the annual Great California ShakeOut, which they say is the “world’s largest earthquake preparedness drill.”

The drill was scheduled 10:18 a.m. on Thursday, and more than 9.3 million people participated at schools, colleges, businesses, community organizations, government agencies and households. The number of participants far exceeded 2011’s 8.6 million figure, organizers said.

Several radio stations throughout the state aired a drill broadcast at 10:18 a.m. In addition to California, other states and countries held ShakeOut drills, for a total of more than 13.6 million participants worldwide.

Such disaster preparedness may come in handy if one heard Jones’ speak at the L.A. RIMS forum on Wednesday.

“The San Andreas earthquake is the most likely catastrophic disaster to hit the United States at this point,” she told the crowd.

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Is It Earthquake Season? Commercial Earthquake Insurance Program

About this time of year, we hear murmurs of "earthquake weather" or "earthquake season." What exactly is earthquake weather? Good thing good ol' Wikipedia knowsHERE

Also around this time of year we start getting inquiries about insuring commercial buildings such as apartment complexes, office buildings, shopping centers, etc... We are pleased to announce that we work with one of the leading programs for commercial earthquake insurance. The program is designed for properties build after 1950 that are valued under $3,000,000. Territories covered are most counties in California. The deductibles can be as low as 5% vs. the standard 15%. We are finding this program to be extremely comprehensive and competitive. 

If you have a property that you are concerned about or thinking of replacing your current earthquake policy, please contact us for a review and to see if your building qualifies.