EPL stands for Employment Practices Liability. Sounds scary right? Well it is! Employment practices related claims are the fastest growing claims facing small businesses. Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides protection for food truck owners against claims made by an employee for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and wage and hour issues. Wage and hour claims have been the most common form of suits that we have seen lately. This could be failure to pay overtime, failure to provide breaks or meals or failure to pay state and local minimum wages.

Small businesses are particularly at risk for EPL claims simply due to the fact they do not have separate human resource or legal departments. You could see improper work condition claims or California's latest "suitable seating" claims. The list is starting to seem endless and employees have more rights and protection than ever before (this can be good or bad). We all want to provide a healthy environment and equal treatment for staff, but we have seen first hand that you can do everything right and still have to defend yourselves over an employee accusation. Defense costs are the biggest reason for EPL Insurance. Thousands of dollars can easily be spent to defend yourself, your business and your reputation. 

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