Brown & Brown of Northern California Insurance Brokers support all the following industries for employee benefits, property & casualty, workers' compensation, and executive benefit needs.



Contractors face unique risks and tend to be a tough class of business for most insurance brokers to assist. However, we have specialized in helping contractors for decades. Our team assesses your risk, experience, and insurance needs. Then, we advise on appropriate protection through our preferred carriers. We understand contractors need to focus more on business and building and worry less about your insurance program.



Through the combined experience of Brown & Brown, Insure My Food Truck, and Insure My Food Trailer, we protect hundreds of artisan food manufacturers, small catering companies, and mobile food vendors. Our food liability insurance program is designed with you in mind. Coverage can be placed immediately for qualifying businesses.



Through Insure My Food Truck, we offer risk-management services and solutions that help more than 700 gourmet food trucks and trailers across the country protect their businesses. We are one of the fastest growing insurance agencies and brands in this developing industry. We have access to an exclusive program with unique coverage specifically for gourmet food trucks.



From product recall to equipment breakdown, manufacturers are constantly at risk of loss. Brown & Brown works with you to identify your exposures and offers solutions that will help you manage them when possible and appropriate. We offer programs that protect hundreds of manufacturing companies of all kinds and can quickly work with you to improve your risk-management and insurance program.



Brown & Brown offers risk-management services and solutions to yacht clubs, marina, boat dealers and other marine-related businesses along the West Coast. Our experienced marine insurance team members understand the complexities of your business and can help craft an insurance program around your needs.



Non-profit businesses face just as much (if not more) risk than for-profit businesses. Doing good feels great, but it's important to protect your business so you can continue your cause. Brown & Brown focuses on non-profits and can help protect your business, employees, and volunteers so you can focus on what you do best.



Based in the Bay Area, we are surrounded by amazing food. One of our key practice areas is in food and beverage, in which we assist dining establishments with their risk-management and insurance needs. Your industry faces constant regulatory changes. It is vital to work with an insurance broker who understands your business and works with the top insurance carriers to not only provide excellent products but also excellent rates.



Brown & Brown is a trusted source for a broad range of technology insurance coverage, including commercial general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability / errors and omissions, commercial auto, umbrella policies, and fidelity bonds. Our property and liability insurance company partners include many of the top trusted insurance carriers in the country.