Blue Shield of California and Stanford Health signed a new multi-year agreement June 1, 2018 for Stanford Medical Center and its physicians and Affinity Medical Group, which had a potential termination date of July 1, 2018. This means that Stanford Medical Center and its physicians are again part of Blue Shield's statewide network with no lapse as an in-network provider for contracted networks.

Blue Shield cannot provided details on the specifics of the contract with Stanford Health, but they are pleased to be able to continue to give their members access to these providers.


  • Letters to commercial HMO/POS members assigned to an Affinity Medical Group PCP will be sent on June 4, 2018 to let them know they can keep their Affinity PCP.
  • An employer notification will be sent via email to employers with affected members on June 5, 2018.
  • Letters to members who have used Stanford Medical Center in the most recent 12- month period will be sent on June 4, 2018 to notify members they can again use this facility at in-network rates.

If you have any questions please feel free to contacts us!