Employee Benefits are a critical component to a company—the right benefits package could greatly benefit your organization by reducing costs and attracting top talent. But in order to have the best benefits tailored to your specific needs, you need an expert employee benefits consultant. Brown & Brown’s experienced consultants believe that each client is unique, and their benefit's package should be customized accordingly . Our consultants identify important employer objectives, and diligently work with each client to meet these objectives and surpass expectations. Whether 2 employees or 20,000, we ensure outstanding results and lasting friendships.

Here are some of the services our clients enjoy:


Our comprehensive service capabilities, extensive product offerings, and customized benefit solutions are rarely matched in the broker community.


Brown & Brown provides complete market analysis and sophisticated benefit solutions for varied businesses. Professional guidance is only issued after thoughtful client examination and thorough assessment. Important employer objectives are accurately identified because we listen and react to our clients' specific needs. Appropriate cost-to-benefit recommendations are then developed with essential client information in mind. Itemized proposals illustrate our technical excellence and provide clear answers to complex questions. We gain trust through deeds accomplished and promises kept.


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