A Message from the TUSD Healthcare Committee

  • What is happening?  Starting now, we are in the process of collecting our current benefit program information and data sets and tasking Brown & Brown to conduct a thorough marketing process to all viable vendors, service providers and related entities. Our objective is to identify what opportunities exist in our area to achieve the best possible blend of benefits, low cost, high quality and sustainability year after year.  The marketing plan will be completed by the end of January 2019 and the results presented to the committee the first two weeks of February.  Once the committee has been able review all the various options available, we will communicate to all staff and members our findings and suggested options.  

  • Benefits - Affordable, easy to use, choices and access to quality healthcare providers.  It is what we all want and what we are striving to achieve with this process.   As some of you may recall, last year we investigated alternatives to our current employee benefit plans and vendors.  Our objective and responsibility is to continually look for the best possible ways we can achieve our goals stated above.  The lessons learned from last year encouraged us to pursue another investigative process this year.  We identified qualified consultants who have the necessary credentials to be considered for our project and conducted an extensive review and interview process.  We have selected the firm of Brown & Brown to help us with our benefit plan review project.  

  • Who is Brown & Brown?  Brown & Brown is  ranked in the top 6 nationally for  brokerage and consulting services.  They have offices in nearly all 50 states and most importantly, they have over 1700 school district clients across the county. Their local office is based in Lafayette, Ca.  The Benefits Committee selected Brown & Brown for this assignment because they have all the necessary qualities and experience that the committee felt was critical to achieving a successful outcome to this project.  In addition to their qualities, deliverables experience, the committee really liked their passion, enthusiasm and “will-do” attitude they exhibited in their presentation.    Please visit the various links below to learn more about Brown & Brown.