What better a time to launch a new mobile site than the New Year. BayRisk Insurance Brokers is proud to announce our mobile site launch for 2013! We have been noticing that many of our website visitors are coming to us via smart phones and tablets, shocker right? With our new application customers can find us, get directions, learn about our agency, get a quote, make a payment and even report a claim. Oh, and there are also instructions on changing a flat including a video tutorial if you don't feel like finger hunting on YouTube. 

Okay, maybe you're not as excited as us about this new BayRisk feature or maybe we are just technology geeks. It's very difficult to get people excited about insurance, shocker right? However, it is good to know that we try to stay on top of technology changes and be as easily accessible to our customers as possible. If this means creating a mobile app that is there for you when you need us the most, well then call us geeks. 

Here is a look at the mobile site/application that's coming to an app store near you. Or just visit us at www.bayrisk.com on your iPhone/iPad/driods/etc. for a spin! If you have any suggestion about how we can improve please let us know, we make changes for you, not us!